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Become a Leader in the Field of Cybersecurity

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Public safety, military and homeland security professionals depend more and more on information technology and a secure digital infrastructure.

Consequently, the demand for strategic cybersecurity experts with the necessary understanding of policy and procedure is growing rapidly. Rise to the challenge and learn the mission-critical skills to secure your organization's infrastructure. Whether you are in information management or information security, this program is for you.


Application Deadline

Apply by June 15th for August 27th start.

Learn from Experts in the Field

This program was developed for working professionals from the military, homeland security and private sectors who want to gain the expertise to address current and emerging challenges in cyber space. You will learn strategies and practices that will empower you to manage critical information in the fight against hackers, terrorists, and cyber criminals. This program will also enhance the cybersecurity leadership skills of current homeland security and criminal justice professionals, preparing the next generation of strategic leaders who work to secure the country's digital infrastructure.

  • Learn from experts in the fields of cybersecurity and information management who bring first-hand experience to the classroom.
  • The curriculum has a focus on policy, practical experience and strategic application of knowledge.
  • The program was designed in consultation with the Department of Homeland Security, the Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute, experts in law enforcement and the military, and key private organizations working in the fields of cybersecurity and information management.

Why choose the Online Master of Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management Degree from GW?


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